TMS may be right for your patients who in spite of taking antidepressants continue to experience some symptoms associated with depression or relapse.

For over eight years, we have been using NeuroStar TMS Therapy to treat patients who have not benefited from standard antidepressant medications, mostly due to inadequate response or intolerance to side effects.

We receive referrals from psychiatrists and other health care providers. As a result of this collaborative approach, patients have benefited by receiving the best available treatment options.

We welcome you to visit with us at our office to learn more about this treatment modality and see the TMS equipment. If you prefer, we can have an informational meeting at your location.

Please call (210) 764-0054 to schedule an office visit or informational meeting, or for any TMS related questions. 

We look forward to collaborating with you in providing patients with the best treatment options for resistant depression.


– Patient or relative may call (210) 764-0054 to schedule a consultation.

– Patient does not need to discontinue medications, unless indicated.

– Health insurances’ prior authorization, coverage and reimbursement policies require documentation via legible medical records. Hence, a summary of medication trials including dose, duration, side effects, and response will assist patient in procuring coverage and reimbursement.

– We will keep in communication with the referring physician by providing updates on patient care.

– At the end of TMS Therapy sessions, patient will follow-up with referring physicians for continuity of care.

If you would like to further examine and consider how TMS therapy may help your patients with TRD, click on the link below for peer-review articles on TMS safety, efficacy, and durability.

Is TMS Right for You?